Sustainable Banking and Finance Network's Analytical Tool

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Welcome to Sustainable Banking and Finance Network’s Analytical Tool designed to help you explore what 43 emerging markets are doing to advance sustainable finance in line with national priorities and international best practice.

It contains extensive data collected as part of SBFN’s 2021 Global Progress Report and SBFN’s 2019 Global Progress Report – the most comprehensive benchmarking to date of sustainable finance progress at market level in emerging markets.

The data provides a detailed picture of country initiatives according to a systematic benchmarking framework developed and agreed by SBFN members.

It makes specific and comparative data live and easy to use.

The Analytical Tool includes country level sustainable finance analysis and comparison function for uses to easily compare sustainable finance analysis among countries.

  • An analytical tool for members to develop policies and frameworks to advance sustainable finance.
  • A platform allowing each member to review their own progress and identify the gaps and opportunities of their own approach.
  • A database to provide consistent and comparable data to assess sustainable finance initiatives across emerging markets

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